How much will it cost to repair my Medieval Moccasins?

  • January 10, 2017


Our “schnip” repair is a customization of the shoe to allow adjustability even after the leather has stretched.

We recommend a  “front schnip” when the rosette of the shoe has been tightened completely and is still loose on the foot, and when the tabs across the bridge of foot touch or overlap.

We recommend a “back schnip” when the heel of the shoe has stretched out and the foot is walking off the sole and onto the actual leather (more than just the normal scuffing).

We simply cut off the excess leather and repunch the holes to make the shoe a little smaller when it is laced back together.

Front schnip (rosette) $10.00 (w/rounded tabs: $12.00)
Back schnip $15.00
Full (front and back) $20.00
Open-toe styles $8.00
Boot $25.00



We are able to patch most small holes and tears worn through the leather. Holes underneath or next to the sole cannot be repaired, unfortunately. Please send us pictures of the areas needing repair, and we can confirm how much doctoring your pair needs.

Patch $20


As long as you have not worn a hole in the leather, your Medieval Moccasins can be resoled. When you wear through the sole, stop wearing your shoes and ship them to us!

Repairing Your Medieval Moccasins

All Low Top and High Top styles $40.00 (+$8.00 shipping & handling)
Boots & Custom Orders $60.00 (+$12.00 shipping & handling)
Please note: Slides and Gladiators cannot be resoled.

And please remember: We are a small family business with a unique method of shoemaking. We are only able to repair and resole Medieval Moccasin shoes.

Contact us through our contact page or email us at to start restoring your moccasins!