Can I wear these shoes with orthotic inserts?

  • January 13, 2017

Absolutely! While our flat soles offer a barefoot-like feel, some customers want to add extra support. With our adjustable leather upper, we have some recommendations to keep your shoes in good shape while taking care of your feet’s special needs.

Primarily, we recommend that you upgrade to any of our above the ankle styles (hightop, open toe hightop, and boot) to keep the inserts firmly in place. The extra height of orthotic at the back can lift your heel out of the back of the lower style shoes, stretching and making you walk on the heel of the shoe. We also suggest using three-quarter length orthotics only, so that the insert doesn’t interfere with the shoe, and so that the leather can still take the shape of your foot.

If you prefer the look of our lower shoes, keep in mind you can cuff the ankle down in any of our high top styles. This gives the look of a lower profile but still accommodates the height of an insert.

However there are some options for our lower styles. Please make sure your orthotic is not too thick at the heel, so you don’t lift your heel out of the shoe while you walk. Orthotics with arch support are not recommended. If you want to use a cushioning or gel insert, please use a few spots of super to keep the insert in place, or it will slide under your feet and potentially stretch the heel of the shoes. Make sure that you cut them down to smaller than the size of the Medieval Moccasins’ soles so that the inserts, which can also stretch out the heel of the shoes.

Do NOT order a size larger just to accommodate an insert.