How do I trace my feet for the right size?

  • January 13, 2017


To measure your foot, follow these instructions for tracing your feet:

Please stand barefoot on a piece of paper, with your body weight evenly balanced on both your feet. Have someone else trace your feet holding a pen/pencil straight up and down.  Draw a perpendicular box around each foot tracing, and measure the sides of the box. Make sure the sides of the box are labeled clearly in inches. This will give you the accurate length from the tip of your longest toe to your heel (see sample). Then simply choose the size that is closest to the length of your foot. Keep in mind that our supple leathers will stretch a bit over time, and you want them to fit snug to keep their support.


  • Do not look down during the process as looking down can make you shift your body weight, which can distort the tracing.
  • Do not have your feet measured while sitting, as your feet spread when standing and walking.
  • Do not use a fat/oversized pen/pencil or hold it at an angle as this will change the size of the tracing.

If you have any questions, please email your tracings to Medieval Moccasins. We will use your tracing (see sample) to determine your correct size. Please be careful and accurate. Do both feet. Do not send tracings via email without clearly labeling the length in inches of all sides of the box, as emailing can distort the tracings and prevent us from giving you the perfect fit you deserve. Be sure to include your name and order number.

If you need a custom pattern made for your foot, then you must mail us a physical copy of your foot tracings, which we will use as a pattern to cut your custom sole. Please use a separate piece of paper for each foot. Remember that custom shoes are non-returnable, so please be as accurate as possible!