How do I measure for Medieval Moccasins boots?

  • January 13, 2017

When ordering Tall Boots, the following measurements are required:

*Length from below the knee to floor (measure at crease behind knee/below kneecap)

*Circumference below the knee

*Length from widest part of the calf to the floor

*Circumference of widest part of the calf

*Length from under the calf to floor

*Circumference under the calf

*Length from ankle to floor

*Circumference of ankle

Custom Boots

When placing your order, please include your leg measurements in the Comments box, or email them separately. We cannot start making your boots until we receive these measurements. Boots have a non-returnable restocking fee of 20%, so measure carefully!

Some helpful tips on taking Leg Measurements:

  1. Have someone else take your measurements! Bending over/twisting your leg will distort and give you a poor fit.
  2. Use the same height measurements for both legs, and give us the corresponding circumferences. Your leg heights should match on both legs.
  3. To find the height just below your knee, measure from the crease behind your knee/below your kneecap.
  4. Move the tape measure for each height–it’s easier and more accurate than giving us your below knee height, and the rest at “# inches shorter.”
  5. Finally, be sure to hug the tape measure against the curve of the outside of the leg, not the back.

In all, these measurements will create a “cone” that is the shape of your leg. We will be making your boots to those measurements to give you a customized, tailored pattern made for your legs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

For a limited time only, this tailoring is included in our stock boot price. Tailoring only refers to the shape and height of the boot-leg, so please keep in mind that if you require a custom sole, then the $40 custom fee applies.

Be sure to include your name and order number with the measurements if they are emailed. If your order includes boots for more than one person, don’t forget to tell us which set of measurements goes with which boot!