How do I know my size in Medieval Moccasins?

  • January 13, 2017

Sizing is unisex and there are no half sizes because the shoes are very adjustable and meant to fit snuggly. Generally, for women, our shoes run slightly larger than commercial shoe sizes; for men, they run slightly smaller. For half sizes, women should choose the next full size down (example: size 8 1/2 would normally wear size 8); men choose the next full size up (example: size 10 1/2 would go to size 11). Please trace your feet and check our size chart below BEFORE you order to be sure of a perfect fit. It is always safest—and highly recommended—to include foot measurements with your order.

To measure your foot, follow the instructions for tracing your feet.

Draw a perpendicular box around each foot tracing, and measure the sides of the box. This will give you the accurate length from the tip of your longest toe to your heel (see sample). Then simply choose the size that is closest to the length of your foot. Keep in mind that our supple leathers will stretch a bit over time, and you want them to fit snug to keep their support.

If you need extra support, we recommend that you upgrade to any of our above the ankle styles and then you can add your own orthotic inserts. We suggest using three-quarter length orthotics only, so that the insert doesn’t interfere with the shoe, and the leather can still take the shape of your foot. If you prefer the look of our lower shoes, keep in mind you can cuff the ankle down in any of our hightop styles. This gives the look of a lower profile but still accommodates the height of an insert. If you still prefer to order our lower styles, please make sure your orthotic is not too thick, so they don’t lift you out of the shoe. If you want to use a cushioning or gel insert, please make sure that you cut them down to smaller than the size of the Medieval Moccasins’ soles so that the inserts do not stretch out the heel of the shoes. Do NOT order a size larger just to accommodate an insert.

Adult Sizes Babies and Children
Our Size Length (inches) Our Size Length (inches)
1 7 3/8″ 4 4 7/8″
2 7 7/8″ 5 5 1/8″
3 8 1/8″ 6 5 3/8″
4 8 1/2″ 7 5 5/8″
5 8 7/8″ 8 6″
6 9 1/8″ 9 6 3/8″
7 9 1/2″ 10 6 5/8″
8 9 7/8″ 11 7″
9 10 1/4″ 12 7 3/8″
10 10 1/2″
11 11 1/8″
12 11 5/8″
13 12″