Minimalist Moccasins

  • March 18, 2016

Getting back to barefoot basics with Medieval Moccasins!

Recently, our customer Dusti sent us a wonderful email, complimenting the comfort and easing of foot pain these moccasins have offered for her fibromyalgia, while still maintaining a barefoot-like feel:

“Medieval Moccasins remind me of expensive minimalist shoes, but far more beautiful. Based on the Runner’s World article, “What is a Minimalist Shoe?” rating scale, your wares would receive high marks. I’m not a runner, but the benefits, durability and barefoot-like comfort of Medieval Moccasins make your footwear extremely high value and beloved work of art.”

The world of minimalist shoes is new to us, although we have been offering this style for decades. Our durable 3/8″ flat sole, adjustable and breathable leather upper, and custom options from Vibram® to thinner soling material keep our customers comfortable and active!

So we followed her advice and checked out the Runner’s World article What Is A Minimalist Shoe? We scored a nice high 80 out of 100! Having a more durable leather upper and sole may have kept us from that perfect score, but the long-lasting leather and supportive soles, which can even be re-soled, create light-weight shoes that will last many years to come.

Runners, tight-rope walkers, dancers, and hikers of all kinds have bought from us, and we hope you will too!

Check out Erica crossing the finish line in her boots at Maudie’s Margarita Run in Austin, TX!

Crossing the finish line in MedMocs and TutusHere is Erica Josephine in her Reincarnation Outfitters tutu and Medieval Moccasins tall boots crossing the finish line… catch her if you can, she’s FAST!
Posted by Medieval Moccasins on Friday, June 15, 2012

And our favorite marathon runner, Jessie at the Rock and Roll Marathon in Dallas, TX!