What kind of soles do you use?

  • January 13, 2017

Our soles are minimalist and flexible, letting you feel the ground beneath your feet! The sole is made from Neoprene rubber, designed for years of hard wear. The standard sole is black and 3/8″ thick; white soles are available as a custom option for an extra charge. Our shoes can last decades with care, and can even be re-soled if they are wearing through.

We usually discourage making the soles out of leather, because it reduces their longevity and gives very little traction. If you still decide to choose a leather sole, we recommend wearing them with caution and keeping them as indoor shoes only. Shoes with leather soles cannot be resoled.

We also offer the luxurious cushioned Vibram brand soles for an extra $30 and a white Vibram for $35; more information can be found on our Vibram FAQ page here.