What do I do if the sole starts to come off of my Medieval Moccasins?

  • January 10, 2017

We try very hard to ensure a strong and reliable bond between our soles and our leathers, however over time it is common for the edge to start to peel back. If this happens, you can always send your shoes to us and we will fix them for free. Simply pay $8 for their return shipping.

Get craft-quality super glue that can be used on leather and rubber. You should be able to find it at any craft store or super market. This allows us to later remove the sole should you need a resoling; many other products will cause the leather to rip when we try to remove the sole.

Make sure your shoes are dry. Put small dots of glue on the sole (don’t use too much or it will squeeze out and get on the leather), then hold the leather and sole together for about 15 seconds. It will take 20-25 minutes before they’ll be cured enough to wear.

After the Oklahoma City Bombing, the glue had to be reformulated; the previous mix of chemicals could have been used to make a bomb. Glue manufacturers continue to improve their glues, but it is still a bit inconsistent, especially on leathers that may have been oiled just a little too much.

Your Medieval Moccasins can also be resoled, as long as you have not worn a hole in the leather. When you wear through the sole, stop wearing your shoes and ship them to us. See our information about shoe resoles and repairs.