How do I care for my Medieval Moccasins?

  • January 10, 2017

With a little care, your Medieval Moccasins should give you years of comfort and wear.

The most important thing to remember with Medieval Moccasins is that you can adjust them! Our shoes are designed to fit snugly and should hug the foot in comfort and support.

To customize the shoe to your foot shape, simply loosen the double knot at the rosette and adjust the shoe to the width of the foot.  Once the shoe is set to your foot, you shouldn’t have to customize them every time.  Just don’t forget to tighten the rosette as the leather stretches to maintain our signature glove-like fit.

Our gladiator styles do not have a rosette, but are also adjustable. Simply adjust the tension of the laces to maintain proper placement and support.

Just remember, your foot should never slide around inside the shoe, because it will stretch the leather out of shape. If you want to wrap the laces around your ankle, remember to cross them in front first, to maintain the right amount of tension to stabilize the heel of your foot.

Please keep in mind that leather is an organic material. Natural variations in texture and color add to the uniqueness of the product, and should in no way be considered defects.


  • Keep away from extreme heat! It is harmful to the leather and the neoprene sole.
  • Make sure to clean and condition your shoes at least once a year to maintain their supple feel. We do NOT recommend wearing your Medieval Moccasins into the ocean, because the salt in the water destroys leather!
  • Adjust the rosette of the shoe as the leather stretches, to keep the foot from sliding back in the shoe. This will prevent the excessive heel wear.
  • Remember we offer a wide variety of repairs, should something go wrong with your shoes. Don’t despair: contact us to see if we can help!

Regular Leather:

Machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. No soap or detergent! To dry, stuff with tissue paper and air-dry naturally. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER! Moisturize with lotion or leather conditioner at least twice a year. (Anything you use on your own skin should be fine for the leather!) Leather ages and needs regular conditioning to keep it from becoming dry, dull or cracked. However, do not store your shoes while damp, as leather can mold as well (washing, along with proper drying, removes this mold).

Metallic Leather:

This leather is more delicate and is considered a dress shoe. We do not recommend washing the metallic leather. Washing can wear away the metallic coating on the leather. To clean, wipe with a soft, damp cloth. Condition metallic leather shoes from the inside to ensure that the moisture is absorbed and that the leather stays supple.

*For regular and metallic leathers, baby wipes are a great trick for a quick clean up and a little conditioning.


Suede leather is also considered a dress shoe.  It is not necessarily more delicate, but it can “age” faster, and look more worn. To clean suede we recommend brushing the leather with a suede brush and/or beating the shoes together.

To keep suede looking fresh, treat with Scotch Guard and repeat Scotch Guard treatments per manufacturers instructions. Suede can be washed, but will appear stiff when dry and will soften as the shoes are worn. It is also recommended to condition suede on the inside to keep the pile looking new.